Friday, July 19, 2013

T-minus 7 Hours

And just like that the adventure comes to a close. Starting it off where it began, blogging from an airport. This time the location is Canada not Germany and instead of moving in the opposite direction of home, this is the closest I've been in seven months.

Saw the thought catalogue "How to Come Home" recently and found a few of the lines to ring especially true.

Some realizations of the past few months:

1) I am a terrible blogger. This is certain. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will do some retrospective posts with some pictures and comments to share some stories but really just for me to look back on and cry over with my friends Ben and Jerry. Only joking, although I have been warned by many that P.E.D (Post-Exchange Depression) is a real thing.

I foresee this happening a lot when I return home:

1: “Where’s Mireille?”
2: “She’s wandering IKEA trying to speak Swedish with people and fikaing at the restaurant.”
1: “AGAIN?!?”

Yep, if you see me wandering IKEA blasting the ABBA it’s probably safest to just let me be.

 2) Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. Badump chh. But actually, I'm pretty sure bullets have left guns slower than these last seven months have gone by. Usain Bolt called and he wants to know how these months went so quickly. They went fast. Reading through past blog posts (albeit there aren't many) I feel like I just experienced everything last week. Didn't I just get to Sweden?

3) I still like airports. Yep. After 21 planes, 20 different airports (3 of which were slept in), and countless hours spent at 30,000 ft there's still something about the fluorescently lit halls and stern mustachio'd security officers that I still love (I think more often than not they are mustachio'd.) Although, after months of budget airlines the likes of Easyjet (big love for Easyjet) and Ryanair (...less love for Ryanair) I felt like I was kickin' it in first class on my Lufthansa flight back to Canadia. Water? A Blanket? Leg room? Don't mind if I do!

So for now I say "vi ses" (see you later) to the adventures of the past months, and "hejsan" to my lovely home. Perhaps I'll throw a "förlåt" (sorry) in there to all the people I am sure to deafen with my stories and ramblings from exchange.

New adventures await. Maybe not in the form of foreign countries and exotic cuisine but exciting new jobs, new apartment, and who knows what else-- that's the point of adventure right?

Couldn't have said it better myself, Harry.