Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Righteous, dude.

A few weeks ago a friend and I went on a mini road trip to Tofino. A bumping touristy town in the summer, Tofino is filled with adorable cafes, surf shops, and beautiful beaches. However we decided to go in February. In the middle of winter. It was cold. Still had a magnificent time and even caught a few waves at a surfing lesson at Surf Sister (Rick Mercer went there!)

 Ferry Terminal

 I love ferries

 The biggest trees you ever did see.

 My reaction: skip to 2:10

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I started jogging (or yogging as I like to call it) a few years ago in a casual only do it when you feel like it way (so like once a month.) It's only been within the last 6 months or so that I've started jogging regularly and actually ran my first 10k race about a month ago. Currently setting my sights on a half marathon in June and potentially a triathlon in August (dream big yo.) I'm hoping to write down a bit about my training to keep me inspired.

Current Running Inspiration:  Zombies, Run iPhone App
The iPhone app plays out a zombie apocalypse scenario inter spliced with  your workout playlist. Brilliant!

Look I posted 2 days in a row! Skadoosh.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Prawns. Vegan Prawns.

What the what? Vegan prawns? I know I was equally skeptical. My whole foods journey took an unexpected turn yesterday when I discovered Sophie's Kitchen vegan seafood (!!) I've been a vegetarian for about 5 years now and am an avid advocate of the faux meats- chicken, tofurkey, sausage, bacon, you get the picture. Name an animal and I've probably tried it veggie style. But NEVER have I seen vegan prawns.

Verdict: Undecided. I put them in an alfredo mushroom-y pasta sauce with broccoli and the overall dish was good. However, not sure how I felt about the prawns themselves. Texture wise they were a little foamy/wiggly and they had a very mild flavour.