Thursday, April 18, 2013

Ciao, Italia

No you haven't updated your blog recently.

This blog seems to have gone the way of the dodo but I am determined that it will make a miraculous comeback. Not calling it just yet.

I think I have spent more of the last month away from Lund than in it. I'm going to blame that for lack of update. Destinations have included and are limited to: Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey! Stockholm will soon be added to the list as I am headed there for the weekend.

Rewind 4 weeks and I was in...


A spontaneous trip to Italy was booked 36 hours before it began on a Friday night whim that may or may not have been influenced by a few beers. Through the miracle of Easyjet—god's gift to man in discount airline form— I was booked to Milan for Sunday morning. By myself. Coming to Lund excluded, this would be my first solo travel experience: backpacking, hostels, asking for directions every five minutes—the whole shebang!

Despite two solid days of rain and the fact I forgot to pack socks in my haste, Milan was beautiful. The cathedral is absolutely breathtaking and I probably spent at least an hour just sitting and admiring the architecture (and not just to escape the pouring rain... okay partly). 

Of course inordinate amounts of gelato, margherita pizza, and pasta were consumed... but that all goes without saying. And then it was off to Florence via a casual 300km an hour train ride (!!) 

Florence may possible be the most beautiful place I have ever seen in real life (I think I may have previously said that about Lund... my allegiances are fickle). It looks like a city someone drew and it came to life. 

 Ponte Vecchio at night 

The ceiling of the Duomo on the way up 

While in Florence I experienced a life changing experience. It makes me emotional just to recall the event and I think about it every day since it happened. I ate. The best. Sandwich of all time. I know this is a hefty statement to just throw around, but, like Joey Tribbiani, I don't joke about sandwiches. 

Sweet, rich toppings between foccacia bread
"The best in town" is what that weird guy at my hostel said
Skeptical I was as I strut down Via dei Neiri
Expecting I would find something quite the contrary
But there you were just waiting to be made
Roasted eggplant, zucchini and of course the tepenade
Mozzarella, arugala and that sweet sweet onion
After your beauty I would name my first born son
I think of you every day since we have parted
But you will forever remain in my heart... ed

Yep. Yes. That just happened. 

Next stop: Amsterdam!