Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breakfast, bogs & books

My yesterday consisted of checking something off my "To-Do" list that has been there for awhile. You know when you are looking forward to something for so long and you've built it up in your mind so much that when it actually happens it's sort of a let down? Well this was not that. This was not that at all. I FINALLY breakfasted (is that seriously a real word?) at Jethro's Fine Grub on Dunbar and can say that it was well worth the wait.

I have attempted to eat there before but the multiple times I have been by the line up has gone out the door, down the street and probably ended somewhere near the border. The Mexican border. This time I arrived early on a Monday morning to beat the rush and only had to wait about 10 minutes. The reason for the long line ups is immediately evident upon entering when seeing that there are -count 'em- 8 tables in the whole place! The second reason for the long line ups is clear upon tasting the food.

La Nina Breakfast: Eggs Benny on Corn Cakes w/ Chili

Alligator Nuggets. Made from real alligator. Crikey. 

Peter's description of Alligator Nuggets: It's like chicken but stringier. 

As close to a gator as I plan on getting. 

Friends and food. Probably my two favourite things. (probably not in that order)

Post breakfast consisted of wandering around admiring houses, being filmed for what we can only assume is a bog-umentary, and buying 50% off books at Book Warehouse- the only upside to its departure. 

All in all a lovely morning. 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tour de Nerdfighting

Going through my old saved blogs I never posted (there are a surprising amount of them) and came across this gem. I wrote this post on January 30th after seeing the Tour de Nerdfighting in Vancouver. I don't know why I never posted it I guess I kind of forgot about it. 

I need to write this down before I forget about it. Before I forget the emotions and the atmosphere and just the sheer excitement of everything.

Tonight the Tour de Nerdfighting came to Vancouver. And it was awesome. John and Hank 3 feet away from me on stage seemed a little surreal. It all seemed a little surreal. Looking back at the pictures I took it feels much more natural to look at them on the screen than it did to see them in real life. Or irl if I want to be really cool and internet-y. But really that is what it was. It was vlogbrothers irl which is just a crazy thought to me.

I think my favourite moment was when they arrived. I was on a coffee run from the lineup and was walking back and heard screaming. And then I was running back. And I kind of almost got run over by their tour van in my frenzy to see them. When they emerged from the van the crowd broke into O Canada to welcome them and they waved and smiled (and looked exhausted- but really what do you expect after a 3 week tour). It was all a little surreal and I'm not gonna lie I almost cried a little. Although I'm a crier.

I was just overcome by how everyone sitting in the theatre were all nerdfighters like myself and who all had this one big thing in common. It's such a strange concept- nerdfighteria but this made me realize that it really is more than an online community. The internet is really amazing when you think about it. This whole community of people brought together by John and Hank and by the internet to do amazing things.

I'm always scared when I see people in real life that I am somehow going to be dissapointed. That reality will not live up to my expectations. Here are two people that I feel like I know quite a bit about and have a pretty good idea what they are like. But what if they were not the John and Hank I know and love? In some senses they weren't. But I think I liked it more. John seemed nervous and shy even. And this is something I'm not used to seeing him be. But I liked it.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sunday Sunny Day

It's only fitting that while scanning these pictures into my computer I'm sipping on a Granville Island Brewing Maple Cream Ale and basking in the glorious sunlight. Classes are wrapped for the term (huzzah!) and finals are commencing (the opposite of huzzah). Mother mother and MSTRKRFT (it took me so long to type that) played a show at my school Thursday night and it was an excellent end to an excellent term. Going to see Gotye tomorrow night before true finals induced hibernation sets in.

Here are a few sunny shots from a couple of trips I took to Granville Island.

I like to think the light leaks are aliens. 

Emilie and Bagels. A deadly combination.

PHOTO BOMBED BY A BIRD! Swooped in at the last minute. Sneaky bastard. 

Public market grapes > regular grapes. 

Boats n' bridge

Sunny Riana