Sunday, May 23, 2010

Chinese food was created to break my diet

So day one - pretty good. Day two...

yeah not so much.

So I'm hoping that tomorrow might be better.

Although on a better note the new Chinese place down the street is delish. I don't live in the biggest town so good chinese is rare. I'm happy to say this is definitely the best in town.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


... or that's what the fitness magazine I'm reading calls it.

I think that if I document my fitness goals somewhere (and somewhere public) I'll be more inclined to stick to my goals.

... or that's what the fitness magazine says.

So here goes. Starting today on May 22 2010 I want to become a healthier person. Not just to lose weight or look killer in a bathing suit (just a nice perk) but to become genuinely healthier and happier. I'll be starting university next year and I think that if I start making healthier decisions now it will be easier next year when I'm surrounded by food at any given time.

So I just went for a run. Off to a good start. We'll see how long this lasts.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Who put the "Glad" in Gladiator?


Listening to a little disney soundtrack to set the mood. It's safe to say that I want to drop a tactical nuke on head colds and I have officially gone through an entire rainforest of tissues.

I have been spending my sick days watching hours and and hours of curling on TV, because apparently that's all people play on daytime olympic TV. It's actually pretty amusing if you know how the game works, which up until a few days ago I did not. The olympics have pretty much engulfed all of my time and all I do is sit in front of the TV. I have 2 hockey games lined up for this afternoon and some figure skating. I am quite excited.

Scott Moir my one true love.