Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The great pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

Fall baking means one thing to me: pumpkin. Whether it be in the form of muffin, cake, scone, pancakes, or bread it has to be there. It begins with an innocent pumpkin spice latte mid-September and ends in October with pumpkin worked in to every meal of every day. It's an obsession.

Here  is my latest round up of pumpkin goodness.

How about some Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate to warm up on a cold October night?

Pumpkin Soup- in a pumpkin! 

I'm off to the store at this moment to purchase gratuitous amounts of pumpkin. Next pictures will be of my creations! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Change is afoot

January 1st has never been the time I make resolutions and set goals. September is the time I associate with new beginnings. Back to school, the transition to autumn (my favourite season), and the return of my favourite TV shows all trigger my impulse to make resolutions. I can't help it— it's a reflex. Even after I graduate from school, I think I will always reach for the "Academic" day planner over the "annual" planner at Chapters. September is my new year. I should count down on August 31st, maybe drink some champagne.

Starting with a new hair colour (I'm thinking Auburn-y this year) the resolutions flow from there. So here are a few of goals for this new year. (Sidenote: I'm writing them to myself so I can look back on this in November when I will obviously be failing at all of them and feel motivated.)

1. Write
- Write everything down. Scribble down ideas and musings. Doodle in margins. Update your blog. Write short stories. Just write more as a creative outlet. (Writing this blog post is a good start.)

2. Focus on the Positive 
- Stop fixating on the negative and the things that you cannot change. They will not make you any happier.

3. De-Clutter Your Life
Alternate name to this goal: Buy less pointless crap.
- Really think about where you are spending your money and the objects you are filling your life with.   If if doesn't have a purpose- why do you have it?

September Me is ready to kick November Me's ass when/if I start slacking on these. Don't make me do it, November Me.

Change is afoot (picture)