Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sunday Sunny Day

It's only fitting that while scanning these pictures into my computer I'm sipping on a Granville Island Brewing Maple Cream Ale and basking in the glorious sunlight. Classes are wrapped for the term (huzzah!) and finals are commencing (the opposite of huzzah). Mother mother and MSTRKRFT (it took me so long to type that) played a show at my school Thursday night and it was an excellent end to an excellent term. Going to see Gotye tomorrow night before true finals induced hibernation sets in.

Here are a few sunny shots from a couple of trips I took to Granville Island.

I like to think the light leaks are aliens. 

Emilie and Bagels. A deadly combination.

PHOTO BOMBED BY A BIRD! Swooped in at the last minute. Sneaky bastard. 

Public market grapes > regular grapes. 

Boats n' bridge

Sunny Riana 

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