Monday, March 25, 2013

Are you there spring?

It's me, Mireille "haven't felt my toes since January" Seguin.

I don't think that would fit on the cover of a Judy Blume novel.

This picture was taken the day after returning from -15˚C Finland. It felt like heaven. What you don't see is that literally every bench, chair, step, and most of the ground are filled with people basking in the glorious sun. When it comes around, the Swedes know how to enjoy it. It was likely only about 10˚ but it sure felt like a tropical vacation to me.

And then winter came back and kicked me in the face. Spring came around for just long enough to remember what it felt like to be warm and then winter decided it wasn't quite through with me yet.

Above photos from the Royal Danish Ballet in Copenhagen where I saw La Bayadere a few weeks ago. I'm not sure which was more beautiful: the actual ballet or the theatre it was in. 

Weather this week has been very spring-like... but it is not going to deceive me this time! I'm on to its tricks and am not hanging up the parka... just yet. 

Oh and Happy National VĂ„ffeldagen (Waffle Day)! Time for Canada to step up the holidays. 

Next post: Spur of the moment Italy! 

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