Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hej, idag är torsdag!

"Hello, today is Thursday"

And I didn't even have to google translate that- that's progress, my friends!

First I need to acknowledge my kickin' new header that was commissioned by the world famous illustrator extraordinaire... my sister. I am repaying her in Swedish candy, my new currency of choice.

One week here in Lund and things have settled down nicely- I have internet in my room (although I accidentally bought a very short cord so I am tethered to the corner), my phone works, classes are all sorted out and today I think I've fallen in love!

Yes, sorry Mom and Dad but I've fallen in love here in Sweden. His name is Abraham and he takes me places, is very reliable and easy on the eyes (if I do say so myself.) He really just wheeled me off my feet and when he spoke it awoke my soul and I was no longer tired. I didn't know if I could handle it but he just lights up my world.

Abraham- isn't he beautiful? 

Yes, Abraham is my bike and, yes, it is true love. Biking is by far the preferred method of travel in Lund and I knew as soon as I stepped off the train on day one and spotted a huge parking lot of bikes instead of cars that this place would be more than just a'ight. Biking in the snow has proved interesting but has made it all the more fun.

So far just been settling in- classes start next week and I am taking a whopping two classes. I have finished my intro to Swedish class and the entire course can be summed up in the following video. 

***Okay I can't figure out how to upload the video... so just imagine (if you can) a very tall, very bearded Swedish man playing the Ukelele and singing "Ring Ring" by ABBA in Swedish and then everyone in the crowd singing along. Can't imagine it? Yeah I couldn't either until it happened but I think that was my official "Welcome to Sweden"! 


  1. Damn, that Abraham is one lucky fellow! Don't forget about your loves back in Canadaland! I'm glad you've figured things out and are settled in nicely. And I legit lol-ed at your video description. I hope you figure out the upload thing soon because I would love to watch it. Keep having so much fun! Miss you!
    - Riana

  2. Absolutely amazing. Loving Abraham, Swedish candy, buildings and snow. It all looks fantastic!