Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lund is disgusting.... beautiful.

Seriously, it makes me sick every time I look outside, it takes all my effort just to walk around. The beautiful historic architecture and twinkling fairy lights make me want to gauge my eyes out, Oedipus Rex style. And those well dress models they call Swedes make me want to puke. It is very displeasing to the eye.

I will leave you in suspense as to just how disgusting it is here partly because I need to run to my first Swedish class (!!!) and partly because I really haven't had time to take any pictures. But here is a little teaser just to let you in on how despicable this place really is.

The crazy thing is- this isn't even a special building. This is just A BUILDING. 

More pictures soon.

Plans for today: Swedish lessons, buy a bike, get my phone working, and official welcome party for all international Students.

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  1. Hope the first class was entertaining! Have fun. Hugs yo you