Sunday, January 20, 2013

My teeth are cold.

My teeth are cold from cycling home today by myself and smiling like a stupid idiot the whole time. There's hushed talk in the streets of Lund about that crazy girl who bikes around smiling for no reason by herself. Little do they know I have plenty of reasons to smile. Little do they know that it would be physically impossible for me to stop smiling because of all the reasons I have.

Today I jumped into the Baltic Sea. Today it was -8˚C out and I jumped into the Baltic Sea. Maybe the citizens of Lund are actually right when they talk about "that crazy girl on her bike." Okay it wasn't quite the Baltic Sea but Öresund, the sound connecting the Baltic Sea to the Atlantic Ocean but it's not like I study Geography or anything... 

I went on an organized student trip to Kallbadhus sauna, a restaurant and sauna located off the coast of Lund and probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The word "beautiful" is losing all its meaning based on the frequency in which I use it. I am currently accepting any suggested synonyms to describe the places I will visit in the next few months.

This is how it went:
1. Get into sauna and revel in finally being warm for the first time in weeks.
2. Work up the courage to run outside, down the stairs and into the frozen water.
3. Scream and splash around for a few seconds.
4. Dash back into the sauna at Usain Bolt speeds.
5. Repeat.

Thus far, this has definitely been my favourite thing I have done while here but I'm sure it will soon be replaced with something else that will keep this stupid, dopey grin plastered to my face.

Coming up: Starting class tomorrow- and I do mean class singular, hoping to visit Copenhagen in the near future, and more Swedish aerobics!

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